Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

The Cumberland Valley Rail Trail currently stretches from Shippensburg, PA to Newville, PA. Work is underway to extend the trail into Carlisle. A short section is apparently open now in Carlisle. I rode the trail in August of 2019. I started in Newville. There appeared to be a finished trail in the direction of Carlisle but is was marked with trail closed signs.

The trail was crushed gravel on one side and grass for horseback riding along the other side. Some portions of the trail did not include the horseback option. A short section at Newville was paved and a longer section at the Shippensburg was also paved. Cyclists of all ages are supposed to wear a helmet when riding this trail.

Luck was on my side in my choice of Newville for a start. It appeared to be a very gradual incline all the way to Shippensburg. It certainly felt easier on the return. There were a few road crossings and some had curves or hills making visibility less than ideal. The section I rode was 10 miles one way. It was well used but not crowded.

The trail passes mostly agricultural land that was mostly planted with corn this season. Near the half way mark was some electric fence along the trail. This area is apparently for some goats to graze. I think this was the first time I saw goats along a bike trail. Even with fields on both sides of the trail, the trail itself was generally shaded by a canopy of trees.

I was appreciative of the clean, modern rest room at the ends of the trail. The Shippensburg end was at the university and included sculptures, a railroad museum, parking and an attractive rest room facility.

To see a video of my ride visit Marks Bike Tock on YouTube. and

For more information about the trail visit the website for Cumberland Valley Rail Trails Council.