Upper Bucks Trail


The Upper Bucks Trail is a new trail that opened in November, 2020.  This trail directly connects to the Saucon Trail in Coopersburg, PA. The trail uses a trail surface aggregate that results in a smooth ride into Veteran’s Memorial Park in Quakertown, PA. It includes 800 feet of teak boardwalk. The trail is less than 5 miles but if you do out and back and include the Saucon Trail you can have a nice ride. The trail is part of The Circuit a network of hundreds of miles of multi-use trails in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

The Boardwalk

Check out a video of my entire ride on my YouTube channel, Marks Bike Tock - Upper Bucks.

Graffiti Highway

 There is a section of PA state route 61 near Centralia, PA that was abandoned due to an underground mine fire. If fact the entire town of Centralia was also abandoned but that that is another story. The abandoned section of highway became a haven for graffiti. The graffiti became so pervasive that it started attracting visitors from a very wide area. It became so busy that the current owner became concerned with liability and decided to cover the road with dirt and plant trees. A few weeks before that happened I decided to take my bike to ride the Graffiti Highway. It was a short ride but incredible quantities of graffiti. Here are some pictures:


Here is a video from my YouTube channel: Mark's Bike Tock

Painted Rocks

It is fairly common to see painted rocks along rail-trails in northeastern Pennsylvania. Some are painted by children, others are a hobby of adults. Many of the ones pictures below seem to be from high school students possibly as an art assignment. I am just speculating about the latter. I always find these as a pleasant surprise. The best part is less the stones and more the fact that someone took the time to improve the trail experience.

Please comment if you have seen painted rocks along the trails you frequent.