Wards Island Bridge/Hell Gate Pathway


The Wards Island Bridge is the only permanent bridge serving only bicycles and pedestrians in New York City. It is accessible from the East River Greenway near 103rd street. The vertical lift bridge was designed by Othmar Ammann known for his work on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, The George Washington Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. He also participated in the planning and construction of the Lincoln Tunnel. He authored a report on the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

After crossing the bridge the ride proceeds along the water on Randall/Wards Island (now connected via landfill). The ride concludes on the Hell Gate Pathway, a bike trail built under a rail line. The massive stone pillars supporting the rail line make for some unique visuals on the pathway.

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The William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail is a wide, smooth, paved trail that runs from Hopewell Junction, NY to the Walkway Over the Hudson bridge. The distance is about 13 miles. I rode the trail most recently in October of 2021 and found it very enjoyable. It was mostly shaded. There were mile markers every half mile and port-a-potties spaced sufficiently close. It was busy with walkers, runners and cyclists but it was also Sunday afternoon.

I parked at a cul-de-sac just off route 82. The location was 41.58367, -73.80308. I rode under route 82 and immediately found the "official" trailhead here 41.58529, -73.80660. It was a pleasant ride with few road crossings and nearly flat. The only hills were overpass ramps. I crossed the Walkway Over the Hudson bridge then turned around for the return. The far side of the bridge continues on the Hudson Valley Trail if you are looking for a longer ride.

If you plan on crossing the Walkway Over the Hudson be sure to allow plenty of time. The walkway is always crowed and there will be families with children. A few minutes of your time will keep everyone safe.

The trail along with the walkway and the Hudson Valley Trail are part of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame and are a portion of the longer Empire State Trail.

Best Rail-Trails in PA

My list of the best rail-trails in Pennsylvania for bike ridding. I have ridden all or part of each of these trails along with many other trails across the US. This is my list of the one I recommend visiting in PA. They are ranked in no particular order. I have included the reasons I like these particular trails. Other trails may have these attributes but the quality/quantity are best on these in my opinion. 

·         Great Allegany Passage

o   Length, 150 miles plus connected C&O gives total of 330 miles

o   Tunnels and trestles

o   Variety of lodging: camping, B&Bs, hotels, other

o   Shuttle services, bike friendly train service

o   Near major airports at both ends (if C&O included)

o   History

o   Scenery

o   Sculptures including Mason-Dixon Monument

o   Trail friendly businesses

o   Trail guidebook available

·         Pine Creek

o   Length, 62 miles

o   Scenery

o   Wildlife

o   Extremely well maintained

o   Shuttle services

o   Lodging

o   Comfort stations

o   Trail guidebook available

·         D&L Lehigh Gorge

o   Length, gorge section is 25 miles, entire D&L is 163 miles

o   Scenery

o   History

o   Abandoned tunnels adjacent to the trail, Rockport & Glen Onoko

o   Rental bikes

o   Shuttle services

·         York Heritage

o   Length, 27 miles plus connected Torrey Brown gives total of 47 miles

o   Replica steam engine on parallel tracks

o   370 foot tunnel

o   Trail friendly businesses

o   Lodging

o   Comfort stations

·        Ghost Town

o   Length, 46 miles plus connected trails, spur

o   History

o   Scenery

o   Trail flipbook available