Western Reserve Greenway

The Western Reserve Greenway Trail is a 43 mile paved trail running mostly north - south in the northeast part of Ohio. I started in Austinburg, OH and headed south and turned around just past Rome. Once I returned to my car, I took a break then headed north to just shy of Ashtabula. I found the trail to be very straight and flat. The nice paved surface was easy to ride and the scenery was very nice mix of wooded and agriculture with a little bit of residential thrown in. There was more than an occasional road crossing but the roads crossed were lightly traveled.

On the drive to the trail I saw several flocks of turkey and several nodding donkey style oil wells. Didn't spot either from the trail but you may have better luck. The trailhead in Austinburg (at the rt 307 intersection) was adjacent to a convience store and sandwich shop. Overall it was a very plesant ride if you don't count the on and off rain on the day I was there.

For video of this trail see my Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Ttk49h3z0HY or https://youtu.be/oyexKM8AgVk

You can find additional information about this trail here: https://www.centurycycles.com/articles/western-reserve-greenway-pg612.htm

Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

This trail has river views, forest areas, awesome rock faces, skeletons of industry past, residential areas and a golf course. It is very scenic and peaceful. It also a bit short, it is listed as 9 miles, but I turned around due to poor trail conditions on the last bit. My GPS measured about 7.5 miles. Everything was paved except the last bit that I didn’t ride. This was not a rail-trail. The trail has many ups and downs including some very steep sections. My GPS indicated 12% grade on one section near the zoo end.

If you decide to go be sure to turn on bicycle routes on Google maps, the trail has many intersections and some are not marked. Some of the intersections are marked with a graphic similar to a compass rose painted on the pavement to indicate the direction of the trail. This is not the case for many trail intersections and where it is present it is faded and a bit hard to notice. You will also need your granny gear and good brakes. If you start near the zoo you will find plenty of parking and you will be at the bottom of the steepest climb making the return trip easier.

Video on the portion nearest the zoo is on my YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/ieQjAkIPkE8

For more information visit: https://delawaregreenways.org/portfolio_page/northern-delaware-greenway-trail/ 

Warren County Bikeway

This trail runs from Glens Falls, NY to Lake George. It is paved. The southern section near Glens Falls passes through residential areas and has several road crossings. It also has a couple of ice cream shops right on the trail. It is supposed to connect to the feeder canal trail. I don’t recall seeing this connection when I rode the Feeder Canal Trail and I did not ride the last couple of blocks on this trail for lack of time.

I enjoyed to northern section with a more rustic setting and hardly any road crossings. This section has a few ups and downs with a long downhill leading to the lake. There are some interesting sights along the way including Uncle Sam. At about 9.5 miles, this trail makes for a very pleasant out and back.

Revolution Rail

Revolution Rail is a commercial company offering rail pedal car rides along leased sections of otherwise unused railroad track. I visited their original location near Lake George, NY. My wife and two adult children joined me. We did this in August of 2018. Since that time the company has added a locations in Cape May, NJ and South Fork, CO. Several other companies offer similar experiences at various locations across the country. I have heard of one that operates along the giant redwoods in California. That is on my to do list.

The rail cars are either two or four seat versions. Since you are confined to the rails you can only go as fast as the lead car. You are asked to raise you hand if you slow or stop to warn the cars behind you. There were about a dozen cars on our trip. After pedaling a few miles everyone stops and stretches their legs near the river. While the customers relax and unwind, the staff use a turntable to turn the cars around for the return trip. 

A very short video showing how it works in on Marks Bike Tock YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/-5dpWLTw2ak 
For additional information visit the vendor's website: https://www.revrail.com/