Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs, CO. The park occasionally has a motorless morning where cars are not allowed in the park. Check the list of events or call the park to find out when the next one is scheduled.

I cycled this event in early spring 2023. The event was scheduled from 5:00am to noon. I am an early riser and on east coast time so I was at the gate at 4:45. I elected to start at the Trading Post on the southern end of the park. A ranger opened the gate a few minutes after 5 and I started riding not long after. I was able to reach the Central Garden before sunrise. Really neat to experience sunrise in this beautiful place.

I rode the loop around the central garden then went around again in full sunlight. The second time around I took a spur to the visitor's center and rode the new entrance path from the main entrance into the park. I also took a different spur to get to balanced rock.

The result was a short 13 mile ride but it had 1300 feet of elevation gain. Just to add a bit more of a challenge, the park is situated at 6200 feet elevation. If you opt to ride this in summer remember lots of water and sunscreen.

For more information visit the park's website.