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 Guide to Mark's Bike Tock on YouTube.

Mark's Bike Tock has over 260 videos on the channel. Most of the videos are of bike trails. These are rail-trails and other bike trails away from cars. Occasionally I also post sights seen from my bike such as wildlife or the operation of a lock on the Erie Canal Trail. All videos have natural sound only, no narration. The view is exactly the view you would experience riding the trail. These are produced with a helmet mount camera. No drone shots or fancy production.

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Videos by state:


Descending into Death Valley, 20:26

Death Valley, 10:10


Garden of the Gods, 9:34

Cherry Creek, 40:33


Farmington Canal, 35:06

Farmington River Trail, 39:29


Centennial Trail, 34:15

Coeur d'Alene, 32:09 (north from Harrison including moose)

Trail of the Coeur d'Alene, 24:35 (south from Harrison including Chatcolet Bridge)

Moose Encounter, 0:54

Hiawatha Trail, 31:41

Route of the Hiawatha, First Tunnel, 13:42


Highlights from a Bike Ride on Chicago Lakefront Trail, 6:47

Chicago Lakefront Trail, 14:36

Chicago Lakefront Trail, 16:43


Raccoon River Valley Trail, 30:52


Nickel Plate Trail, 55:14   


Bourbon Street, 6:23

Tammany Trace, 43:03


Cape Cod Rail-Trail, 32:02

Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, 33:26


Ocean City Boardwalk, 10:31

Wild Horses of Assateague, 35:30

Torrey Brown Trail, 34:51


White Pine Trail, 36:28


Longleaf Trace, 48:02


Hiawatha Trail, 31:41

Route of the Hiawatha, First Tunnel, 13:42


Columbia Trail, 32:47

Henry Hudson, 59:46 (northern end)

Sandy Hook, 32:31

Sandy Hook, 29:55

Washington Crossing - Lambertville Loop, 44:29 

Duke Farms, 11:27

Henry Hudson Trail, 31:49 (southern end)


Santa Fe, 20:51


Historic Railroad Trail, 1:56

River Mountains Loop Trail, 2:17


Erie Canal Lock Operation, 2:32

Wards Island Bridge to the Hell Gate Pathway, 11:13

Walkway Over the Hudson, 14:11

Erie Canal Bike Ride - Spencerport to Brockport, 41:36

Erie Canal Bike Ride, 40:44 (Fairport - Lock 30)

Erie Canal Bike Ride, 29:43 (Pittsford - Fairport)

Mario Cuomo Bridge, 17:56

Genesee River Trail, 3:30


Ohio Erie, 8:27

Little Miami Trail, 27:51 (Springfield - Yellow Springs)

Little Miami Trail, 52:41 (Yellow Springs - Xenia)

Alum Creek Trail, 36:04


Allegheny River Trail, 32:41

Ben Franklin bridge bike ride, 3:35

Buffalo Valley Rail-Trail, 21:33

D&L Slatington South, 13:22

Slate Heritage Trail, 23:29

Autumn Ride on the Plainfield Township Trail, 44:31

D&L Orphaned Section, 16:00

Just Opened - D&L North of White Haven, 8:34

Thun Section of Schuylkill River Trail, 55:44

Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project, 12:24

Enola Low Grade Trail, 35:09

Full Monty, 51:54 (D&L Lehigh Gorge)

Pine Creek, 38:56

Unimproved trail ride - Susquehanna Warrior, 29:42

Lehigh Gorge Waterfalls, 28:58

Seasons on the Ironton Rail-Trail, 1:34

Seasons on the Wyoming Valley Levee, 1:57

Best Rail-Trails in PA, 4:58

Beginning of Fall Foliage in the Lehigh Gorge, 42:02

Staple Bend Tunnel, 1:45

Clarion - Little Toby, 35:59

Washington Crossing - Lambertville Loop, 44:29 

J. Manley Robbins Trail, 24:55

D&H Trail Part 1, 25:20 (Fiddle Lake Road - Union Dale)

D&H Trail Part 2, 27:17 (Union Dale - Forest City)

SRT Bartram, 43:28

Karl Stirner Arts Trail, 9:11

Hazleton Rail-Trail, 34:01

Early Season Bike Ride in the Lehigh Gorge, 45:46

Late Winter Ride in Weiser State Forest, 6:39

Late Winter Bike Ride, 19:38 (Scranton Riverwalk)

January Bike Ride on the IRT Loop, 31:28

Perkiomen Trail, 56:41

Redbank Valley Trail 25:42

Rail 66 Trail, 22:43

Union Canal Trail, 41:25

Washington Crossing - Lambertville Loop, 44:29

Winter Bike Ride on the Levee, 7:45


Blackstone River Bikeway, 40:52


Mickelson Trail Day 1, 27:30

Mickelson Trail Day 2, 9:05

Mickelson Trail Day 3, 12:56

Mickelson Trail Day 4, 10:22

Mickelson Trail Day 5, 9:40

Badlands National Park, 10:55


Richmond Low Line/Canal Walk, 10:32

Virginia Capital Trail, 36:58 

High Bridge Trail 32:51


Island Line, 53:25


Centennial Trail, 34:15

Fish Lake Trail, 31:29


Elroy-Sparta Trail, 53:03

Omaha Trail, 22:25


Wheeling Heritage Trail, 55:44


Bear Crossing Trail, 0:42

Wild Horses of Assateague, 35:30

Moose Encounter, 0:54

Wildlife & other animals, 9:29

Rattlesnake, 0:09

Small Black Bear, 1:00

Tortoise, 2:32


Cycling Highlights of 2021, 4:37

Bicycle Heaven, 12:13

Ocean City, MD Boardwalk, 10:31

Erie Canal Lock Operation, 2:32

Best Bike Rides, 8:36

2020 Bike Rides Review, 4:37

Graffiti Highway, 2:41

Relive App, 0:57

Wertz Covered Bridge, 1:40

White Haven South trailhead tour 14:21

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