Union Canal Trail

The Union Canal Trail is a short bicycle and walking trail along Tulpehocken Creek near Reading, PA. It is the site of historic canal locks, grist mills, blacksmith shop, several historic homesteads and the longest surviving single span covered bridge in Pennsylvania. Most of the trail and adjoining property is a Berks County Park. The trail ends at a stilling basin at the outlet from Blue Marsh Lake. The lake and surrounding area is overseen by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The last section of the UC Trail is leased to Berks County.

The UC Trail is six miles long and ends at a system of mountain bike trails around Blue Marsh Lake. Most of the trail is fairly level but as the trail turns away from the creek toward the lake there is a bit of a climb followed by some rolling hills. I found the trail to be smooth, well maintained and a pleasure to ride.

I rode my bike for the Schuylkill River trail (it connects) so I don't have any insight on parking. Most of the amenities were closed when I was there in the off season (February). For more information see the Berks County website.