Wyoming Valley Levee Trail

The Wyoming Valley is one of the closest trails to my house. It is also paved. These two factors lead me to utilize it often. The proximity is handy when my time is limited and the paved surface is attractive when many other trails are muddy.

This trail is a collection of paved paths atop the flood control levees in the Wyoming Valley. Since it is on top of a flood control levee there are no trees, therefore no shade. The paths total about 12 miles and are also known as the Luzerne County Levee Trail. As the trail passes through Wyoming, PA you travel parallel to the Wyoming Valley Airport along side the main runway. In Wilkes-Barre, the trail passes Kirby Park and the river common across the river. Market Street has a bridge with wide sidewalks that facilitate crossing the river where the trail continues to Hanover Township and if you cross again, Plymouth. This urban trail always seems to have various users including walkers, joggers and of course cyclists.

Since the primary purpose of the system is flood control there are several gaps in the trail where a levee is not needed or alternate flood control measures are in place. These gaps necessitate a bit of street riding. If you are not familiar with the area you may need to uses Google maps, bike route setting to assist with navigation.

You can find much greater detail about specific location of the trail as well as the locations of parking and gaps in the trail at bike it or hike it.

I spotted a small black bear adjacent to the Hanover Township end of the trail. Watch the video here. The video is from November, 2016. Here is a video of a plane landing at the Wyoming Valley Airport as seen from the trail.

Yes, I ride all year. Watch a train crossing this bridge at Marks Bike Tock YouTube channel.
Yoga on the river common in Wilkes-Barre

Take a virtual ride on the Wyoming Valley Levee Trail on Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel:
    Hanover Reach
    Kingston Reach
    Forty Fort Reach
    Plymouth Reach

Pine Creek

The Pine Creek Trail is a 62 mile trail from Wellsboro, Pa to Jersey Shore, PA. It runs through the Pine Creek Gorge also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It is very remote compared to most eastern US trails and offers a wide variety of wild life. There are several spots along the trail that offer good views of bald eagles.

There is a very active group of regular users on Facebook. One of the users, Linda Stager has written a nice guidebook about the trail. David Kagan has penned a history of the gorge called Pine Creek Villages. My most recent ride on this trail was May, 2017. Learn more about the PA Grand Canyon.

The Pine Creek Trail is also the #3 trail in the top 10 trails in Pennsylvania according to the rails-to-trails conservancy.

My ride on the southern end of the trail is here Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel See a short clip of a deer I encountered along the trail on Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel.

Walkway Over the Hudson

A rail bridge that has been converted into a pedestrian bridge forms the anchor for the Hudson Valley Trail Network. The network has been inducted into the rail-trail Hall of Fame. Located in Poughkeepsie, NY, the bridge offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. It is also the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the bridge each year since it opened in 2009. The bridge along with the Hudson Valley River Trail and the William R Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail make for a memorable ride. My most recent ride here was in October, 2021.

Paid parking is available here: 41.71194, -73.92633. Electric vehicle charging stations are available.

The Hudson Valley Trail Network is #30 in TrailLink's Hall of Fame.

For more information visit:

Northern California Tour

Pictures from a biking vacation in northern California in 2010. This was an organized tour run by Bicycle Adventures. My daughter was able to join me and we had a great time. I used Bicycle Adventures again a couple of years later for their Bryce - Zion Tour, another great experience.
Just a random emu we saw along the way.
My daughter dips her feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
Wine stop
My daughter standing atop a fallen redwood
Lost coast
Lunch time visitor
Taking a break from pedaling to do some paddling.
The start of a week of riding