Pine Creek

The Pine Creek Trail is a 62 mile trail from Wellsboro, Pa to Jersey Shore, PA. It runs through the Pine Creek Gorge also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It is very remote compared to most eastern US trails and offers a wide variety of wild life. There are several spots along the trail that offer good views of bald eagles.

There is a very active group of regular users on Facebook. One of the users, Linda Stager has written a nice guidebook about the trail. David Kagan has penned a history of the gorge called Pine Creek Villages. My most recent ride on this trail was May, 2017. Learn more about the PA Grand Canyon.

The Pine Creek Trail is also the #3 trail in the top 10 trails in Pennsylvania according to the rails-to-trails conservancy.

My ride on the southern end of the trail is here Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel See a short clip of a deer I encountered along the trail on Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel.

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  1. This is a great trail. I highly recommend riding the entire Wellsboro to Jersey Shore trip.