Great Allegheny Passage

I rode the GAP in 2015. I started in Pittsburgh, PA and rode to Cumberland, MD over three days. The ride was easy and I could easily have done it in two days but I wanted to take my time and enjoy the sights. I also wanted to be sure to stop for plenty of pictures along the way. These are some of the more memorable ones from the trip. More information may be found at GAP Trail or Great Allegheny Passage. There is also a Facebook page for the GAP.

The GAP was the first trail selected for TrailLink's Hall of Fame. The GAP is also the #1 trail in the top 10 trails in Pennsylvania according to the rails-to-trails conservancy. Bicycling magizine has named the GAP #1 in its top 10 list of the Best Long Rail Trails in the US. You can find a video of one of the bridge crossings along the GAP on my YouTube channel.

Start of my ride
The end of my ride
It felt good to get here after 130 miles of uphill
Mason-Dixon Line
Sculpture made from railroad spikes

Pittsburg, PA to Cumberland, MD

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