Ridin' the Rails

Revolution Rail is a company offering railroad pedal cars to ride the rails. The company has two locations: Cape May, NJ and near Lake George, NY. My family and I visited their Lake George location. The rail cars have two and four seat versions. Everyone can assist with pedaling but only one person operates the brakes.

The cars operate on a leased section of track where there aren’t any regular trains. I typically ride on rail-trails and was not impressed with the scenery on this corridor. It was a fun experience and it was nice to do with my family who do not regularly ride. At one point in the ride I was chastised for pedaling too fast. I replied I was not the only one pedaling. Together they replied … yes … you are.

As you can imagine with this set up you can only go as fast as the car in front of you since you can not pass. You also must be careful of the car in front unexpectedly slowing. Riders are instructed to use hand signals to warn the car behind you if you slow.

The ride is an out and back. At the far end riders get off and stretch near the river. The guides use the time to place each car on a turntable and reverse direction. The experience was a fun time with the whole family. Several other companies are offering or planning to offer this type of ride in other locations. I have heard there is one operating in the redwood forest in California. I will be adding that to my to do list for sure.

Here is a small sampling of companies doing this. Many have multiple locations. If you don't see one near you or your destination do a Google search. More companies are starting up all over.









Here is a short YouTube clip: https://youtu.be/ZQj5Agnmbgs