Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

This trail has river views, forest areas, awesome rock faces, skeletons of industry past, residential areas and a golf course. It is very scenic and peaceful. It also a bit short, it is listed as 9 miles, but I turned around due to poor trail conditions on the last bit. My GPS measured about 7.5 miles. Everything was paved except the last bit that I didn’t ride. This was not a rail-trail. The trail has many ups and downs including some very steep sections. My GPS indicated 12% grade on one section near the zoo end.

If you decide to go be sure to turn on bicycle routes on Google maps, the trail has many intersections and some are not marked. Some of the intersections are marked with a graphic similar to a compass rose painted on the pavement to indicate the direction of the trail. This is not the case for many trail intersections and where it is present it is faded and a bit hard to notice. You will also need your granny gear and good brakes. If you start near the zoo you will find plenty of parking and you will be at the bottom of the steepest climb making the return trip easier.

Video on the portion nearest the zoo is on my YouTube Channel

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