Western Reserve Greenway

The Western Reserve Greenway Trail is a 43 mile paved trail running mostly north - south in the northeast part of Ohio. I started in Austinburg, OH and headed south and turned around just past Rome. Once I returned to my car, I took a break then headed north to just shy of Ashtabula. I found the trail to be very straight and flat. The nice paved surface was easy to ride and the scenery was very nice mix of wooded and agriculture with a little bit of residential thrown in. There was more than an occasional road crossing but the roads crossed were lightly traveled.

On the drive to the trail I saw several flocks of turkey and several nodding donkey style oil wells. Didn't spot either from the trail but you may have better luck. The trailhead in Austinburg (at the rt 307 intersection) was adjacent to a convience store and sandwich shop. Overall it was a very plesant ride if you don't count the on and off rain on the day I was there.

For video of this trail see my Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Ttk49h3z0HY or https://youtu.be/oyexKM8AgVk

You can find additional information about this trail here: https://www.centurycycles.com/articles/western-reserve-greenway-pg612.htm

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