Robbins Trail

The J. Manley Robbins Trail commonly known as just the Robbins Trail may be the oldest rail-trail in the United States. The Robbins Trail is located just north of Danville, PA. It was originally a narrow gauge line used to haul iron ore. It was converted to a bike path sometime in the 1890’s. The trail is just a mile long and runs along the Mahoning Creek. It does connect to another trail forming a loop of about 3.5 miles. Additional trails connect at the Hess Field Complex.

The Elroy Sparta Trail in Wisconsin claims to be the first rails to trails project in the country. It opened in 1967. I rode the Elroy Sparta Trail in June 2017.

Video of my bike ride on the Robbins Trail

Here is a video of my May 2021 ride on my YouTube channel.

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