Pine Grove, PA

Just west of I81 at the Pine Grove exit there are a collection of trails on both sides of Swatara Creek. The Bear Hole Trail is on the east side and the Swatara Rail-Trail is on the west side. There are also several shorter trails crossing the creek and connecting to the other trails including the Sand Siding Trail. Spurs include the Moonshine Trail and a connection to the Appalachian Trail. Many of these, especially the trails along the creek make for a nice loop ride. There are however a few ups and downs but nothing too steep or long. Also horses are allowed on some portions of these trails. You can easily do 15-20 miles with minimal repetition by going up one side of the creek and returning on the other side. There are trail heads on both ends. On the Bear Hole Trail be sure to check out Bordner's Cabin.

Continuing along past the end of the official trail at the southern end you will find a KOA campground in Lickdale. The campground has a nice store that serves a small selection of hot items such as burgers and chicken along with ice cream. It makes for a nice rest stop.

Here is a video of a recent ride on the Bear Hole Trail: Bear Hole

Here is the elevation profile of the Bear Hole Trail. The northern end is on the left, southern end on right.

Bear Hole Trail

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