Ridin' in the Rain

I consider myself an avid cyclist. I ride for relaxation, enjoyment and to keep active for health. I have mostly been a fair-weather cyclist. I have ridded short rides of just a few miles and done rides over a century. I have ridden in New York City and desolate trails not seeing another person for miles (and no cell service!). I mostly rode in good weather and only very occasionally in winter.

I don’t enjoy time on my stationary bike but did it to maintain some activity over the cold winter months. This winter I made more of an effort to get out. I purchased a couple of additional sets of “base layer”, good cold weather gloves and a couple of balaclava. I also purchased a set of studded winter tires for one of my bikes.

The result of this was more outdoor riding this winter. I rode in the coldest temperature I have ever ridden, 10F. I rode with snow on the ground and in a snow storm. I still don’t enjoy these rides as much as a nice warm weather ride but it does beat the stationary bike.

In my years of riding I have been caught in many rain events from light drizzle to heavy deluge. The emphasis is on caught. I have not intentionally started in the rain. That all changed a couple of days ago. The forecast was for moderate temperatures with no rain. I got out early to get an hour or two of riding in before I had to prepare for work. I dressed, loaded my bike and set off for the trailhead. I arrived just in time for the beginning of a steady drizzle. I was so looking forward to this ride and the forecast said no rain so I went for it. I got on my bike and rode in the rain. This marked the very first time I have ever intentionally started a ride while it was raining.

So now I have a question. Does this make me obsessed?

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