Duke Farms

Duke Farms is a privately owned nature preserve that has 12 miles of roads for cycling spread across 1000 acres. Several additional miles of roads are for walking only. The property has 9 man made lakes some including waterfalls. They host educational programs and research. The car free, beautifully landscaped roads make for some of the most pleasant cycling I have experienced.

The property is open for visits Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 to 6:00. Visiting is free but Saturdays requires a timed ticket. The property includes a farm to table café and a bike share program. There is a parking lot near the main building at 1112 Dukes Parkway West, Hillsborough, NJ. The preserve is across the road. There is a traffic light and crossing guard to enhance safety. Paper maps are available or you can download their app.

I visited Duke Farms in August of 2021.

For more information visit dukefarms.org You can also find Duke Farms on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram.

For a video of my bike ride visit my YouTube channel Mark's Bike Tock

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