Clarion - Little Toby

The Clarion - Little Toby Trail runs from Ridgway to Brockway, PA. This rail-trail is 18 miles of packed dirt/crushed stone. I found mile markers every mile.

I rode this trail in September 2021. I started in Taylor Memorial Park in Brockway at MM 18. I turned around at MM 10, just north of the Swinging Bridge (MM 12.2). In that distance my GPS app showed an elevation gain of just 74 feet. The segment I rode was very smooth and almost entirely shaded. I enjoyed this trail and hope to return some day to ride the remaining portion. This segment runs adjacent to the Little Toby Creek. The section I did not ride parallels the Clarion River.

I didn't see any comfort facilities but the trailhead in Brockway is adjacent to a park and athletic fields. Seems there would be facilities there but I didn't specifically search.

I did not see any other people on the trail but I was riding midweek during the day. I was a bit surprised I didn't see any notable wildlife. That would have been understandable if there were more people but riding solo I generally see some wildlife activity.

Important note: E-bikes are NOT permitted on this trail.

For more information visit these websites:

Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau

Pennsylvania Wilds


Tricounty Rails to Trails

Here is a video of my ride:

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