Virginia Capital Trail

 This 52 mile trail connects Richmond, the current capital of Virginia to Jamestown, the state's early capital. It is asphalt paved and very smooth. It is not however a rail-trail. There are hills. If you cycle regularly you won't have a problem but I did see at least one rider walking up a hill. 

My ride was from Richmond to around the half way point. At that point I turned around and returned. The first 8-9 miles was along a road with homes and later fields alongside. Then the trail turned to some wooded back yards that quickly transitioned into a park. After the park is was wooded for about 3 miles then another park. After the second park the trail was along the road again but now with a tree buffer that made for a pleasant ride. Many large fields along the way that soon became home to several plantations.

There were few significant road crossings but they had signals and drivers mostly stopped when seeing the yellow lights. Signage was good and the trail was very easy to follow. Highlights of my return ride are on my YouTube channel:

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