Tammany Trace

Tammany Trace is a 28 mile paved multiuse rail-trail across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. The trail passes under major roads but there were a few crossings of lower traffic roads. Many of these crossings had four way stop signs, trail users and cars must both stop. I had never seen this on a crossing before. 

I rode the trail from the intersection with I12 near the Children's Museum (30.41831, -90.04430) to the eastern end near the drawbridge. The drawbridge lifted the trail for boats to pass under. A drawbridge dedicated to a trail was a first for me. 

I passed some residential areas and through a state park. As I passed a pond in the state park, I wondered if there were any alligators. I later found out that at least one gator lives in the pond. The weather was too cool  to spot the gator. During my ride I saw three different rangers patrolling the trail. All were very friendly and helpful.

Along the way there were facilities with water and flush toilets. The Mandeville Trailhead was particularly impressive with a water feature, a small stage for outdoor concerts and a concession stand.

More information about the trail may be found at the trail website and Northshore website.

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