Total Eclipse of the Katy

The Katy Trail is a well known Hall of Fame Trail in Missouri. It is the longest rail-trail in the country at 240 miles. I cycled a short portion of the trail (45 miles). Most of the ride was an orginized ride timed to coincide with a solar eclipse. The orginized ride started in Rocheport, MO and ended in North Jefferson. The trail was in the path of totality. Most of my ride was during the partial eclipse. I viewed totaility from the trailhead at the end of the ride.

You can view a video of my ride on Mark's Bike Tock on YouTube. The entire trail is a state park and Missouri has a website with more information about the trail. You may also find additional information about the trail here. There is also a facebook page for the trail. Additional pictures of the eclipse ride may be found here.

Telescope for viewing eclipse.

This individual rode the 35 miles without a saddle!

View of partial eclipse through a telescope.
Waiting for totaility.

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