Switchback Trail

This trail is near Jim Thorpe, PA. It consists of two parallel trails the converge into a single trail on the upper end. This creates  a "Y" shaped trail. The upper section after the split is called the "Back Track" and the lower section is refered to as the "Down Track".

The trail is not developed and has lots of rocks and roots. The portion of the Back Track from the secenic overlook back down to town is very steep and covered in large rocks. If you have a mountain bike with fat tires it would be challenging. Anything else is un-rideable.

The original rail line offered rides to passengers. The passengers experienced speeds near 50 miles per hour. This ride was the precursor to the modern roller coaster. Learn more about this history here.
Some additional information about today's trail may be found here. See a video of my ride on Mark's Bike Tock on YouTube.

A bit of bike portage is required here.

View from overlook

View from overlook

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