Pennypack Trail

The Pennypack Trail is part of the 100+ miles of trails in and around Philadelphia. It is also part of the East Coast Greenway. The trail is a bit over 14 miles long. I rode it from Veree Road - south. I had planned on also riding the remaing few miles north but the heat and humidity were too draining on the day I visited. Making matters worse the trail is somewhat hilly. Some of the inclines are steep but all are short.

The southern end has several road crossings. It also had one bridge out that I had to detour around. I was told it has been out for several years but construction workers were working on it when I visited.  At the end of the trail, if you cross one more street you can connect to Pennypack on the Delaware, a nice park located where Pennypack Creek meets the Delaware River. The park includes a nice but short bike trail.

My research, a local cyclist and my own experience suggest that the trail is much nicer on the northern end. I would like to return to see the portion I missed. The trail is only a few miles from the PA turnpike but my GPS directed me through many small residential streets and included an inordinate number of turns. A different GPS on the return home directed me another way but still had many small streets and turns.

For more information see the MontgomeryCounty website or The Circuit Trails website.

You can see a video of my ride on Mark's Bike Tock channel on YouTube.

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