Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook portion of the Gateway National Recreation Area is located along the New Jersey shore. It has a nice seven mile multi-use paved path that is great for cycling. There is also a bike path along the sea wall in Sea Bright that extends to the entrance to Sandy Hook. There is not an entrance fee to get into Sandy Hook but they do charge $20 to park your car. I visited with my wife who also wanted to visit the beach so we paid the $20 and parked in area "D".

I biked back to the entrance and continued to Sea Bright. I turned around and headed back and on to Fort Hancock. It was a fairly short ride for me but in the hot summer sun I was happy to settle under a beach umbrella with a cold drink.

I observed several bike fix it stations along the trail on my most recent visit in August, 2021. I have never had occasion to use such a station but it is comforting to see them along any trail.

There are a number of historic military remnants near Fort Hancock, some on the trail, others along lightly traveled roads near the trail. There is also a small light house. If you are really adventurous you can stop by infamous Gunnison Beach, a clothing optional beach.

Find out more here National Park Service

See a video of my ride at Mark's Bike Tock on YouTube or here.

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