Omaha Trail

The Omaha Trail extends from the town of Elroy, Wisconsin to Camp Douglas. It passes through the town of Hustler about 3 miles from Camp Douglas. The entire trail is about 12 miles. About 5.5 miles from the Elroy end of the trail is the highest elevation where you will pass through a 875 foot tunnel. On the Camp Douglas (north) side of the tunnel is a nice rest area with comfort station, picnic table and a water pump.

The trail was paved with asphalt but it is getting old and no longer smooth. It is perfectly fine for a hybrid or mountain bike but I would not suggest a road bike. Riding the trail requires a Juneau County trail pass.

You can find more information about the trail on the Juneau County website. Watch a video with highlights of my ride on my YouTube Channel, Mark's Bike Tock.

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