Warwick to Ephrata Rail-Trail

Warwick to Ephrata Rail-Trail is a relatively new trail located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. News accounts indicate the trail opened in fall of 2018 but I believe portions were open prior to this. Both ends of the trail pass residential areas mostly above back yards. Most of this area has a buffer of trees along the trail making it less intrusive. The middle section of the trail passes through farm land offering beautiful views.

The trail is a bit short for cycling at about 7.5 miles. Since it is located on farmland, the trail has minimal elevation changes and I found no discernable difference cycling in either direction. The ends in the area of Ephrata and Warwick are paved and shaded, the middle section is smooth, crushed gravel with considerably less shade. There are porta potties placed at several locations along the trail. When I visited late in the morning on a Friday I found the trail well used but not so much to be considered crowded.

If you plan on visiting you should note that most businesses in the area are closed on Sundays. My wife and I were reminded of this when we visited on a Sunday and tried to find a restaurant open for lunch. We were very hungry by the time we finally found one.

You can find a nice pdf map of the trail here: https://www.ephrataboro.org/DocumentCenter/View/580/Wert-Trail-06072018

You can view a video of my ride here:

Part 2  https://youtu.be/RhWB1rd7tIE

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