Silver Comet Trail

I was in the Atlanta area so I had to make time to visit the well known, Hall of Fame trail The Silver Comet Trail. The trail is over sixty miles long in Georgia but connects to the 30+ mile Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama. I only had the chance to do a bit over 10 miles but it was a most enjoyable experience.

The trail section I rode was near the Atlanta end starting near MM 5. I rented a bike from Comet Trail Cycles. The bike was excellent and the price was very reasonable. This trail section was mostly shaded, very welcome in the Georgia heat. I got to see bamboo trees for the first time along with some birds I was not able to identify. They were back and forth to nests that appeared to be made of mud stuck to the underside of a bridge.

The trail section I cycled was flat except for a couple of bridges over roads. The surface was paved with asphalt or concrete with a yellow line down the middle. The yellow line reminded users to keep right except to pass and it did its job. There were many access points both public and private. Trailheads generally had rest room facilities and water fountains.

It is my understanding that there is a large trestle and a tunnel further up the trail.

Additional information about the trail may be found at  You can watch a short video of the trail on MarksBikeTock on YouTube:

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