Karl Stirner Arts Trail

 The Karl Stirner Arts Trail or KSAT is a short trail near Lafayette College in Easton, PA. The trail has a mural, sculptures, a landscaped maze, a dog park and a nature trail. The main trail is paved and has a short section on a sidewalk. At around two miles it is not really a cycling trail but it makes a nice change for someone cycling another nearby trail for example the 165 mile D&L.

You can park at a small shared lot at one end 40.6961690366186, -75.22805608039589,  located at N 13th St. This is a great trail for kids. There is an app that has trail information. It is called Agents of Discovery. The reviews mentioned kids a lot so I did not try it, My youngest is in his late 30's.

There is a nature trail off the main trail. It is mulch surface so it is a bit more work on a bike but it passes much closer to Bushkill Creek. I have seen deer, geese and turkey on the trail.

The Karl Stirner Arts Trail is part of The Link system of trails.

Here is a video of a recent ride: Mark's Bike Tock KSAT

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