SRT Bartram Section

This section of Schuylkill River trail runs north from Hamburg, PA to the Auburn Bridge that is currently closed for construction. The southern end begins at the State Street Trailhead in Hamburg, PA. The trail almost immediately turns into a steep incline ramp to a former railroad bridge over the river. After crossing the river you descend a ramp to Industrial Drive. Ride the shoulder about a hundred feet with out crossing the road and the trail turns back toward the river. The wooded area along the river has a trail surface of dirt/fine gravel which is smooth and firm. A short way up the trail you pass under I&*. This area was under construction when I rode in May, 2021. I was able to ride through the construction without any delays.

As you approach the Kernsville Trailhead you pass a wetlands area where I spotted many birds. The Kernsville Trailhead has a large parking area, picnic tables and a porta potty. From the trail head the trail passes over railroad tracks and under route 61. Looking down from the trail you can see an active rail line that goes to Port Clinton. The Port Clinton rail station was built in the 1990s to resemble railroad stations of an earlier time. The Appalachian Trail crosses the SRT in this area.

This segment of trail is about 6 miles not including on road trail south of the State Street Trailhead. There are additional sections of trail north of the Auburn Bridge, some on road, some off road.

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Watch a video of my ride on Mark's Bike Tock on YouTube

View south from the Kernsville Desilting Basin Trailhead

Closed as of May, 2021 for construction on Auburn bridge

Port Clinton

Route 61 underpass

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