Enola Low Grade Trail

The Enola Low Grade Trail is located south of Lancaster, PA and runs about 29 miles. I rode the section of trail along the Susquehanna River starting in Manor Township near the Turkey Hill Nature Preserve. I parked at the trailhead lot at 39.96473658420567, -76.45483424278768. From there is was a smooth stone dust trail the must have been 20 feet wide. There were nice views of the river that included many vultures and eagles, both bald and golden. I rode in mid June of 2022 shortly after the Safe Harbor Bridge was opened the week before. The $9M trestle project used federal and state funds along with Manor Township contribution of $808,000 all of township portion was raised with private donations. 

The 1500 foot bridge spans the Conestoga River 140 feet below. This links two previously disconnected sections of trail. Crossing the bridge takes you into Conestoga Township. I rode this portion to the Martic Forge bridge that is currently closed due to an arson fire. This bridge is being repaired and is expected to reopen later in 2022. As you ride along the Conestoga Township section the trail starts to move away from the river. The trail continues away from the river for another 20 miles that I have not had a chance to ride.

The are rock faces suitable for climbing and I saw a couple of climbers when I rode. The part I rode had several port-a-potties spaced along the trail. The trail itself was flat with a grade of less than 1%. There is no tree canopy so expect your visit to be entirely in the Sun.

A map of the trail is published by Lancaster County.

PA DCNR has additional trail information.

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