Columbia Trail

The Columbia Trail is a 16 mile trail extending from High Bridge, NJ to  Bartley Road in Washington Township, NJ. It is a mixed use trail including cycling, walking and horseback riding. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are permitted in winter.

I parked at 40.66967, -74.89593 but there are several other parking/access points along the trail. 

The portion of the trail near High Bridge is nicely improved with a smooth crushed stone surface. It has mile markers every 1/4 mile. Be aware however that the mile markers start at the end and the middle of the trail. The marker is different depending on your direction of travel. It is unfortunate that the mile markers can not be used to uniquely identify a spot on the trail.

Lake Solitude is less than a mile from the High Bridge end of the trail. This lake is created with a dam. The dam has a spillway that creates a stunning waterfall just a few yards off the trail. Look for the sign for the Taylor Steelworkers Greenway on the south side of the trail. Unfortunately, the lookout on the trail side of the spillway is obscured by trees.

The first half of the trail is densely populated with gnomes. Not just a lot at one or two locations but all along this section of trail.

About the half way point on the trail is a pet spa/resort, Green Acres. Looks like a nice place for a doggie vacation. Across the street is Willow Grove Farm where you can see and ride Clydesdales!

The second half of the trail is less improved with dual tracks of packed dirt in most places with a portion of the trail narrow dirt and gravel with limited visibility turns. This section doesn't have mile markers but does have emergency locator signs indicating the distance to/from the end of the trail. 

The trail pass through Califon where there is a short on road section. There are also several road crossings along the trail but these seem to have low volumes of traffic.

For more information about the trail check out Morris County Park Commission.

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