Farmington Canal Heritage Trail


The Farmington Canal Trail extends across Connecticut and into Massachusetts. It starts in New Haven on the campus of Yale (an additional 1.5 miles is planned to extend to the waters of the Long Island Sound) and continues north, bisecting the state ending in Massachusetts. The trail is approximately 80 miles in total. Unfortunately, it is not completed with some sections temporarily on roads.  

I rode this trail the end of April, 2022. I started at the southern end and did about 19 miles before returning. This portion of the trail plus an additional 5 or so miles, is paved, off road bike path. There are numerous road crossings, but they are well marked. Drivers are supposed to stop for trail users and generally do.

The asphalt was in good shape with only the occasional root bump. It was great seeing several stops along the trail that include flush toilets. That is in addition to the several commercial establishments along and near the trail. Mile markers were sometimes visible painted on the trail surface but were often faded beyond usability.

For more information visit the Farmington Trail website at To see a video of my ride visit my YouTube channel Mark’s Bike Tock.

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