White Pine Trail

 The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail extends from Grand Rapids, MI to Cadillac, MI, a distance of 93 miles. I rode the southern third from Grand Rapids to Howard City. I started at Riverside Park (https://goo.gl/maps/8zsFNjML89KR57cHA) and crossed the river to start the trail. The trail was paved for the entire segment I rode. 

I found Rockford delightful. The riverfront is beautiful and was vibrant with activity when I rode thru on a Saturday morning. Cedar Springs was nice with businesses located a short couple of blocks from the trail rather than right on the trail. I had a late breakfast at Sue's Kountry Kitchen (12 N 1st St, Cedar Springs) and the homemade rye bread was the best I have tasted.

The part of the trail closer to Grand Rapids had a lot of shade. The trail had less cover as I got closer to Howard City. Lots of users on the trail between Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs but it was a weekend morning.

More information about the trail may be found here.

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