Back Mountain Trail

The Back Mountain Trail is a nice local trail that starts in Luzerne, PA. Bikes are permitted but at only 5 miles it is not really a destination for cyclists. It also has break at about the half way mark that requires stairs to navigate to the next section. This is close to me so I sometime ride it and do a few laps. Future plans call for this to extend to Harveys Lake and beyond. If that comes to fruition this could become a very nice cycling trail.

The trail is owned and maintained by Anthracite Scenic Trails Association.

See a video of a ride on this trail here: Mark's Bike Tock YouTube channel
and here is a ride down the trail on a warm January day.

The Rimple Loop is another section of the Back Mountain Trail. It is a short section (too short for riding) that does not yet connect to the main portion of the trail. I hope the gap gets filled soon. Here are some pictures from the Rimple Loop:

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