Just some of the wildlife I have seen from my rides. Of course I have seen many more in fleeting moments too quick to capture on camera. Perhaps one of the most memorable was a black bear running across the trail in front of me. He was so close I almost hit him!

I have seen many deer (whitetail, blacktail, key and mule), pronghorn, buffalo, wild horses, moose, big horn sheep, several black bear, turkey (both wild and domestic), a porcupine, possum, fox, iguanas, assorted snakes (including rat, garter, milk, ring-neck, copperhead and rattlesnakes), turtles, squirrels (gray, pine, red and black), marmots, prairie dogs, and an emu (escaped). I encountered a skunk once, I didn't get sprayed. I also see many birds that I have never see except on a trail including bald eagles, golden eagles, great blue heron, scarlet tanager, indigo bunting, snowy owl, road runner and ring neck pheasant.

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