Alum Creek Trail


I was in Columbus, OH and had a bit of time so I checked a map and found a promising bike trail along Alum Creek, aptly named Alum Creek Trail. I parked in Wolfe Park and randomly headed north. The trail was paved and crossed Alum Creek several times. I was able to spot a variety of wildlife including turtles, heron and deer. One of the deer was a large buck; I counted 8 points.

When I rode the trail in July, 2021 there was some construction adjacent to the trail. It appeared they were working on a water line. The trail was open despite the construction. Some of the equipment was noisy but it didn't seem to bother the wildlife.

There were plenty of signs for wayfinding, overview maps, safety information and historical information. I only covered about 7 miles of trail but found several porta potties, a bike repair station and other amenities. I turned around at the CESA Soccer Fields across the creek from Champions Golf Course. I would have liked to explore the entire 25 miles of the trail plus many of the connecting trails.

More information about the trail may be found on the city’s website.  You can also watch a video of my ride on my YouTube channel, Mark’s Bike Tock.

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