Wheeling Heritage Trail


I was driving to Xenia, OH for a cycling vacation. I planned a stop at about the halfway point, Wheeling, WV. With my bike on the car and never checking off WV from my list of states biked this was the perfect time to do so. The Wheeling Heritage Trail is actually two trails, one along the Ohio River and another along the Wheeling Creek.

I started my ride at the riverfront park in the downtown. I randomly chose to go south from there. This southern segment was only a couple of miles, passing some light industry and the requisite sewage treatment plant. It was a reminder that I was in the heart of the rust belt. At the end I turned around a returned to my starting point and continued north.

This northern portion of the trail was much nicer. I passed some residential areas and much of the way had a nice tree buffer. On area had a pleasant looking campground between the trail and the river. A bit further north the trail was parallel to a busy road but set sufficiently away from the road to feel safe from the traffic.

I passed Pike Island locks where barges still make their way along the river. In fact, barges were seen in most places where the river was visible from the trail. I headed a bit further north but ran out of time and did not make it to the dam at Clearview.

The trail was paved on the section I rode, and the asphalt was in excellent condition. I viewed lots of wildlife including rabbits, woodchuck, and deer. All the animals seemed to have juveniles making for a pleasant ride.

Judging by the section I rode I would not consider this a destination trail but if you happen to be in the area it is a nice, relaxing ride.  If you are interested in history there are interpretive signs that tell many stories of the area's past.

More information about the trail may be found at the Wheeling City website

A video of my ride can be found on my YouTube Channel, Mark's Bike Tock.

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