Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven is a bike shop founded by Craig Morrow in 1996. This is no ordinary bike shop. Craig started collecting vintage and collectible bikes. By 2011 Bicycle Haven relocated to their current location at 1800 Preble Ave, Pittsburg. The collected bikes have been put on display akin to a museum. The number of bikes makes it impossible to properly display each to create a true museum experience. Bicycles are lined up so close together that most must have their pedals removed to save space. Additional bikes are displayed on the walls and even the ceiling.

There are vintage bikes, antique bikes, prototype bikes, historic bikes, and bikes used in movies. There are nearly 6,000 bikes on display. All this in a working bike shop with an incredible inventory of parts both new and vintage. They also sell bike themed memorabilia.

If you like antiques, history, movie props or just remembering childhood memories there is something for you. If you want to go, as of my visit they were open 7 days a week. There is no charge to visit but they do accept donations.

For more information visit their website or look for them on Facebook. See a video of my walk through on Mark's Bike Tock.

I visited Bicycle Heaven in July 2021.

Bicycle Heaven is the world’s largest bicycle museum and has been highlighted on the likes of the New York Times, the Associated Press, MSN and they even have a Wikipedia entry.

Oh, Shift is a reference to Canton Ave, Pittsburg


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